Last October when Jesse and his wife Lindsay wanted to break the mould of what a honeymoon was they decided to pack up and head to Iceland for 3 weeks.  There are many ways to experience this amazing island but what they chose to do was rent a camper van and slowly make their way around the famous ring road.  Despite being their honeymoon Lindsay was cool with Jesse bringing along a few toys. (RED Epic package, motion controlled dolly, drone, 5D, etc. etc.)

Since the edit of their adventurous trip was released last November the video has gotten a great response online being featured on the European based creative news site Fubiz as well as recently featured on the well known travel and lifestyle site Matador Network

With over 60,000 views in 4 months, the video has certainly made quite an impact and is showing no signs of slowing down.

Kemst þó hægt fari.
You will reach your destination even though you travel slowly.